British Bound DamselsWelcome to British Bound Damsels my little space on the internet dedicated to the wonderful site of bound and gagged females.

The first question you may ask is how did my passion for bondage begin? Well I always remember as a youngster watching the Avengers with Emma Peel always finding herself tied up and in a desperate situation. Yes she would always be rescued but that was the fun part of it all I never wanted her to get hurt the exciting part for me was to watch her struggle to get free. Also those old black and white movies with the damsel tied to the railway track, tied to a log in the saw mill or bound and gagged next to some sort of explosive device and again she was always rescued. I also remember as a youngster in the 70’s looking at those fantastic detective magazine covers before political correctness was even heard of. By the way I did eventually pluck up the courage to buy my first one but it took a lot of visits to the newsagent before I did!

British Bound Damsels There you will find the clue to my love of bondage, the fact is I am into love bondage and not harming anyone. I suppose if you mention the word bondage to most people their first thought is whips, chains, nipple clamps and other sorts of devices but you will not find that here. However if consenting adults do enjoy that kink then that’s fair enough and good luck to them we all have fun in different ways.

To me though there is something more exciting about a female bound and gagged trying to escape from the ropes only to find it impossible. But I suppose there are people who would even think this is sick and perverted and they are welcome to their opinion but they do not know me as I have never hurt anyone and more to the point would never hurt anyone.

The girls I work with enjoy themselves and trust me fully, in fact we have a great time together and even the girls who were tied up for the first time look forward to the next shoot. I believe there are more people out there turned on by love bondage than would care to admit it.

British Bound Damsels So what will you get from this web site? The first thing I will guarantee is five updates a week including photos and videos , any guest galleries will not count as a legitimate update they will be extras. Also I will be photographing professional and amateur models and will try to get as many new models to bondage as possible. That is not always easy as a lot of trust is involved as you can imagine, but I know I will succeed in doing that as my reputation grows. Actually six out of the first fourteen models I photographed for this web site had never been tied up before! You will not find any studio shoots here as I am trying to create realistic scenarios so the shoots will mostly be in home surroundings with some hotel shoots too.

So finally as you may have guessed I do not condone violence to females, myself and the girls have a lot of fun creating the images and videos. It took me a lot of years to get round to tying up the girls myself after looking at many other web sites and I am enjoying it so please enjoy looking and most of all have fun too:-)

Cheers K.